Imagine how quickly your life can change when you take just 30 minutes for yourself to study and mastermind with others who are on similar paths! Now you have the opportunity to set your day in the very best way in my 30-minute book study groups.

Think of this as the most rewarding Book Club you could possibly participate in each day of the week (Saturdays and Sundays not included). In Rise & Shine With Angie, you will be…

  • Discussing chapters, even sentences!
  • Receiving on-the-minute applications for your daily life and those goals you’ve set for yourself.
  • Sharing “ah ha” moments as the light of understanding blinks “on.”
  • Feeling supported in a community of individuals from all points of the world who have gathered with the same intention in mind – to grow big or go home!

Rise & Shine With Angie is all about studying personally and daily with me on an ongoing weekly and monthly basis. While we’re personally discussing and growing together, we also are giving, taking and sharing in a small group of like-minded individuals who have decided it’s time to change up their lives for the better.

Move through the masterpiece books of the ages – really UNBELIEVABLE BOOKS! – as you train your mind on RIGHT mindset and FASTEST action for the biggest changes you seek in your life!

I’m not kidding. You will be learning from a select number of authors that will lift your head right off your shoulders, shake it up a bit, and put it back in place with new understanding, realizations and action steps forward, forward, forward!

Angie teaches from the book, The Power Of Awareness by Neville Goddard. Even if you come in a bit late, it’s OK – this is a leisurely read with so many, many lessons. You will be there at the right time.

Thereafter, Angie pulls from great authors such as:

Neville Goddard

Joseph Murphy

Robert Collier

Ernest Holmes

Robert Russell

Thomas Troward

Napoleon Hill

Let’s begin together NOW!

Just $97/month, for however long you prefer. Cancel at any time!